Thomas Lloyd Offer Their Customers a Range of Fine Leather Sofas

Thomas Lloyd Offer Their Customers a Range of Fine Leather Sofas

Thomas Lloyd

Thomas Lloyd offers its customers a range of elegant leather sofas in the UK, in particular, a leather chesterfield sofa.

They take extra care in the manufacturing of their handmade leather furniture. An advantage with Thomas Lloyd is that they provide better quality products for less money than high street retailers if you contact the leather sofa manufacturers directly. They ensure only the best materials are used to produce a piece of furniture.

The team at Thomas Lloyd, have great skill and talent, especially when it comes to quality control. This is why they are different compared to other leather sofa manufacturers in the UK. They have a range of leather furniture pieces that are carefully worked on and built precisely to ensure a perfect piece of leather furniture is made.

Thomas Lloyd has a vast selection of fine leather furniture for you to choose from. They have pieces suitable for everyone’s taste, such as a traditional leather sofa, which is an excellent example of British craftsmanship. On the other hand, if you are looking for a modern look, the leather sofa manufacturers have some tremendous contemporary leather designs available.

For instance, a piece that suits both of these characteristics is The Leather Chesterfield Sofa, which is a stylish, hardwearing and versatile sofa. It has flared arms and deep sprung back; it displays all the characteristics of the Chesterfield design. Thomas Lloyd believes it would make a great addition to any home.

Also, the chesterfield sofas are perfect for the city life, apartments or small living rooms. Thomas Lloyd has a selection of two-seater Chesterfield sofas which are ideal for those who are quite limited on the space they have for furniture in their home.

They are suitable for home or at work, and they have some great features that make it a great choice, for example, the Chesterfield sofas are: Handmade in Superior Old English Leather A hardwood frame made in house Upholstered by craftsmen Real wood Bunfeet Hand studded Individual seating options (Soft, Medium, Firm)

Now, you probably have decided on a leather sofa, and it could be a traditional leather Chesterfield sofa or something more modern. However, it’s the quality and durability that makes the difference when choosing the right leather sofa. For example, the frame of the sofa should be able to stand up to all the strains and stresses of everyday use.

Luckily at Thomas Lloyd, they ensure the highest quality, and their furniture is built so well that it will last for years to come. All of the frames are hand-assembled from selected hardwoods. They are tested to BS 4875 and BS EN 1022, and this is the criteria for strength and stability for general domestic upholstery.

Thomas Lloyd also gives you a 21-day unequivocal money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied. Just let them know by email or post, and they will happily collect and either exchange or refund your money, with no hassle.

The Thomas Lloyd leather furniture comes directly from their UK factory straight to your door. If you live outside the UK, Thomas Lloyd has no issue liaising with carriers. Also, some Scottish regions may incur an additional delivery charge this can be calculated at the checkout.

You can browse online on their website to find your leather sofa of choice. Or call the team at Thomas Lloyd on 01443 771 333 for more information.


Thomas Lloyd

Thomas Lloyd
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